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Spaying and Neutering for Street Animal Relief: A Compassionate Solution

About Us


Established 2021


Fundación Gratitud, in El Salvador, is a non-profit organization committed to addressing issues that negatively affect our communities, animal welfare, and the environment. We take pride in working tirelessly to create a better world for all.


In animal welfare, FUNDAGRAT develops and executes humane and sustainable programs such as free spaying and neutering for homeless dogs and cats under the modality "Capture, Spay, Identify, Release.


FUNDAGRAT carries out monthly free spay and neutering campaigns for homeless and vulnerable dogs and cats.  This program is implemented in the form of fixed spay/neuter days and mobile spay/neuter days, where the veterinary team is mobilized to accessible areas in rural areas of El Salvador. The results of our program speak for themselves. Since 2021, more than 884 cats and dogs have been sterilized, which will prevent approximately 12,376 births of dogs and cats in the streets or garbage dumps. We estimate that our project has prevented approximately 86,632 puppies/cats and their offspring from roaming the streets of El Salvador over seven years.


According to PETA, "Organizations that spay/neuter and vaccinate dogs for free are often especially valuable in reducing the size of stray dog populations. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an unspayed dog can have as many as 67,000 offspring in six years. Sterilization programs, often called "catch-neuter-return," can drastically reduce stray dog populations."


The primary goal of this program is to control the stray animal population to reduce unnecessary suffering caused by neglect and uncontrolled growth. By sterilizing these unfortunate homeless animals, we improve their health quality of life while living on the street and prevent unwanted litter that could lead to more abandoned or abused animals.


In the environmental area, Fundación Gratitud is committed to the preservation and protection of our natural environment.  We support and promote initiatives that contribute to the care of the environment and the conservation of endangered species. We recognize the importance of preserving the life of these unique beings and contributing to their repopulation and conservation. Therefore, we work to conserve and protect these vital beings, thus ensuring the continuity of ecosystems and biodiversity.

In the area of the community, Fundacion Gratitud is committed to the well-being of our community. Since our inception, we have focused on carrying out construction projects that greatly impact people's quality of life.

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Nuestros resultados

Our Results Since 2021


895 dogs/cats sterilized


90 Dogs to feed every month 

01 Scholarship Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics

15 social cases and community projects

Caniles de Esperanza

Kennels of Hope

Caniles plan

Sterilization Center for Homeless Dogs and Cats

Sandhi-Fundagrat Centro de Esterilizaciones. Quirofano con AC, sink, mesa mayo, lampara.JPG
Sandhi-Fundagrat Centro de Esterilizacion para Perros y Gatos sin Hogar - Area de Esterilizacion de Instrumentos y equipo de analisis
Sandhi-Fundagrat area de preparacion para perros y gatos antes de esterilizacion y peso




To address the population that needs more attention- homeless dogs and cats -we are pleased to announce the creation of the Center of Sterilization for Homeless Dogs and Cats, "SANDHI-FUNDAGRAT," located in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate.


The creation of this Center would not be possible without the generous and visionary donation of Chilax SV, which has facilitated the use of two structures for two years to locate the Center and the continued support of Hope Bridge Central America. This Center will hold free and low-cost spaying/neutering days.


Also, thanks to finally having a place to house the stray female dogs that will be spayed, we can now provide two weeks of pre/post-operative care for the selected canines to sterilize under our Trap, Sterilize, Identify, Release program.


This compassionate, sustainable - unique in El Salvador - and innovative program will focus on the homeless dog and cat population with no one to provide them with the prior and subsequent care required before sterilization.

The program is necessary because there are not enough shelters or good homes, leaving thousands of animals roaming the streets, encouraging daily animal abuse and cruelty. Sterilization will also drastically improve the health and quality of life of the canine/feline; 30 minutes will change their lives.


FUNDAGRAT implements the modality "Trap, Sterilize, Identify, Release."

Sandhi - Fundagrat plano mostrando las areas de examinacion, quirofano, area de preparacion y recuperacion asi como tambien los Caniles de Esperanza

program highlights

Aspectos mas destacados de nuestros programas

Empowering animals
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Data collection and research: 
Improve program impact through accurate reporting and identification of sterilized animals

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Galeria de perritos en adopcion

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